The SMS functionality within SPC allows to receive events via SMS and also to control the system. The SMS number is configured per user and the event each receives can be controlled. The SMS can also be used to control the system allowing the user to arm or disarm their system remotely using SMS commands. The user may also perform other action if they wish including

  • Part Set
  • turning outputs on/off
  • Allowing engineer access
  • Clearing alerts
  • Viewing the log

The event the user may receive includes

  • Alarm activation
  • Confirmed alarms
  • Fault and tamper
  • Setting and unsetting
  • Inhibit and isolate
  • All other types of events


step 1 - How to configure modem

In order to enable the SMS functionality in SPC you must have a compatible modem and SMS enabled, you can perform this operation from the keypad, web page or SPC Connect Pro. From the web page, select communications - > modems and select the modem, in the modem options select enable SMS. In order to ensure the SMS is operational, we would recommend you perform an SMS test to ensure operation.  In the SMS test section enter your number and a message and click send, this will attempt to send a message to you. If this fails please address this issue prior to proceeding.

Full guide on modem setup

If the customer wishes you may also configure an automatic test call to be sent periodically this can be useful to ensure the system is still operational you can choose to send the messages every:

  • 1 hour
  • 24 Hours
  • 48 Hours
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days

Note: Users require the SMS right in their user profile in order to be configured for SMS, where this right is enabled the user can configure their SMS settings

Step 2 - Configure SMS event reporting

The SMS notification can be set up to send a range of events that occur on the system such as:

  • Alarm activation
  • Confirmed alarms
  • Fault and tamper
  • Setting and unsetting
  • Inhibit and isolate
  • All other types of events

When step 1 is complete a new menu item will appear on the web page and keypad called SMS, Select the menu, this will give an overview of all the SMS configured on the system.

If you wish to add an SMS select Add

The screen will allow you to enter a new SMS for a user,

  • select the user
  • Enter phone
  • Choose the events the user would like to receive

The user will now receive these events.

SMS Overview

User events

Step 3 - Configuring SMS control

You may configure as an optional step the ability to control the system via SMS. You should consider the security of the system when configuring this option as you are allowing remote control of the system.  When an SMS is received the system can authenticate the message in a number of ways

These are

  • Pin only  - where the user uses their pin to authorize the command  E,g **** FSET E.G2 **** FULLSET
  • Caller ID only - where the phone number is used to authorize the commands EG Fullset
  • Pin and Caller ID - where the pin and phone number are used


SMS Authentication options

Once configured you can now configure the commands allowed for this user. If the user is unclear or cannot remember the commands texting help will result in the system responding with the list of commands.


Commands are

  • Unset
  • Partset A
  • (name of part set A ) eg night
  • Partset B
  • (name of part set b ) eg home
  • Log
  • ENGA.On - turns engineer access on
  • ENGA.off - Turns engineer access off
  • O5.ON  - turns on output number 5
  • Output Gate On - turns on output called gate
  • Output Gate Off - turns off output called gate
  • Restore - restores alerts

SMS Control options

Final note

If you have issues with the SMS the modem log provides details on messages received and sent and is a good starting point to fix any issues


For users who need a remote control and wish to be informed or event SPC Connect offers a mobile app that allows control and with push notifications combine to offer a superior solution. Learn more about SPC connect here

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