The Advanced programming features of SPC allows you to define custom outputs which can be used to control almost all elements of the system. The logic is simple an intuitive first choose your conditions when you wish something to happen and then to define what action should be taken. This programming logic referred to in SPC as cause and effect or C&E.

Conditions include

  • Zone input status
  • Door status
  • Area status
  • System conditions
  • Time


  • Areas
  • Doors
  • Alerts
  • Keypads


Turn on output when a zone opens and fullset

The following video will show you how to start your SPC system and how to perform a simple setup, ideal for controlling external lights or for comfort to signal system is monitoring

Turn on output when a zone opens and fullset

Enhance the privacy and security of your devices by preventing access to device if certain conditions are not meet. This uses the SPC custom programming system and can be used with the following devices

- SPCK623
- SPCK620
- SPCK520
- SPCK521
- SPCE110
- SPCE120

Would you like to know more?

SPC provides a range of manuals in order to support you if you would like to know please contact us and book your demo

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