The Vanderbilt offering of alarm signaling devices including indoor and outdoor sirens, indication devices, signal flashing lamps and compact alarm devices.

Internal sirens


SO/Piccolo/BL/G3/S5 Sound/Beacon G3

  • Low profile design
  • 112dB sound output
  • Selectable alternating or continuous tone
  • Flashing alarm indication
  • Flexible configuration options
  • System status indicator
  • Low current consumption
  • Tamper protected lid and mounting
  • EN Grade 3 approved

This remotely powered internal sounder/beacon can be installed in security systems up to and including Grade 3, Environmental class II, in accordance with EN50131:2006 + A1:2009. It is certified by Telefication to EN 50131-4:2009. The warning device gives an audible and visual signal of alarm activation. There are four connection options, which provide total flexibility for system integration;
a) Sound only
b) Flash only
c) Simultaneous sound and flash
d) Independent sound and flash
The LED’s can also be wired independently to indicate the system status. The sound output is selectable for either an alternating or continuous tone. It is also protected against tampering by means of lid removal and removal from the mounting surface.


Operating voltage 12VDC nominal
Input voltage 9-15VDC
Operating current 100mA sounder and beacon
Housing Lid - white ABS
LED window - blue ABS
Security levels EN50131 Grade 3
Sound level 112 dB (A) @ 1 metre
Tamper Lid and mounting surface removal
Operating temperature -15°C to +40°C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 85mm x 125mm x 37.5mm



ROLP-LX-W Indoor Sirens

ROLP-LX-W Sounder beacon, wall mount, available in white and red

The RoLP LX Wall base is ideal for dual use applications where a visual alarm
the device is required in addition to an audible alarm. Recommended for wall use
and requiring just one installation point.

  • Ultra-low current consumption
  • RoLP and RoLP Maxi sounder options
  •  Up to 7.5m coverage volume (switchable to 2.5m)
  •  0.5Hz or 1Hz Flash rate
Power supply 9 ~ 15 VDC
Sound level 102 dB (tone 3)
Current consumption: maximum 37 mA
Current consumption: minimum 22 mA
Colour Red (body and flash)
Frequency 1 Hz (0.5 Hz)
Housing protection IP65
Weight 0.2 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 95mm x 135mm x 95mm
Range 135 m^3 (15 m^3)



A discreet sounder that is available for flush or surface fixing. The sounder provides an excellent combination of high sound output and neat appearance, ideal for retail, hotel and residential applications such as sheltered housing.

  •  32 different tones, user selectable
  • Volume control via DIP switch
  •  Automatic synchronization
  • Two-stage alarm
  • Discrete design
  •  6 certified fire tones
  •  Improved tone clarity
  • Flush or surface mounting
Power supply 9 ~ 28 VDC
Current consumption 16 mA (tone 8)
Sound level 95 dB (tone 8)
Tones 32
Colour White
Housing material ABS
Operating temperature -10 ~ +55 °C
Housing protection IP21C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 86 x 86 x 42 mm
Weight 0.110 kg


SIR1992-R-LP Indoor siren, red
Flexible sounder with volume control, 32 selectable tones, wide operating voltage and low current consumption. It also can be used for outdoor applications with the deep base.


  • 32 different tones (user selectable).
  • Wide voltage range.
  •  Secure bayonet style fitting to the base.
  •  Discrete locking screw for the siren in the base.
  •  Internal volume control.
  • Approved Fire tones and general signaling options.
  •  Suitable for Fire, Security, and industrial applications.
  •  Quick and easy to install.
Power supply 9 ~ 28 VDC
Current consumption 16 mA (tone 3)
Sound level 102 dB (tone 3)
Tones 32 tones user selectable
Colour Red
Operating temperature -25 ~ +70 °C
Housing protection IP54 normal base
IP65 deep base
Dimensions (Ø x H) 93 x 65 mm
Weight 0.24 Kg normal base
0.25 Kg deep base
Material ABS

External Sirens


SIRUS Outdr. siren NFA2P,type3,pc,flash

Designed to last, SIRUS comes in a moulded case made in Polycarbonate with a flammability
class V0 with UV resistance to the test of time.
SIRUS includes an alarm light with LED
technology ultra-high brightness, which in addition
to a high resistance to vibration and extreme
temperatures offers a lifetime much superior to
traditional solutions
1- Support for backup battery
2- Opening tamper
3- Interrupters of configuration
4- Flash with leds!!! WARNING!!! Leds are
type high brightness. Do not face.
5- Sensor for removal tamper
6- Running cable
SIRUS has a double load regulation for the
internal battery:

Power supply 9 ~ 15 VDC
Current consumption 1.6 A
Sound level 109 dB
Current consumption (12 VDC), quiescent 5 mA
Housing material PC
Housing protection IP43
Operating temperature -25 ~ +70 °C
Approval NFA2P type 3, INCERT


Intrusion outdoor alarm siren with polycarbonate cover with metallic paint. Battery supply mode.

Power supply 13.8 V
Current consumption 2.2 A
Sound level 103 dB (3m)
Current consumption (12 VDC), quiescent 4 mA
Frequency 1590 Hz
Housing protection IP34
Operating temperature -25 ~ +55 °C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 283 x 220 x 82 mm
Weight 1.700 kg


SIR300A Outdoor Sirens - SIR 300A Outdoor sounder, horn. Outdoor siren in a metal housing. The electronic is protected against reverse polarity. It has a tamper protection against opening and breaking away.

Power supply 9 VDC ~ 14 VDC
Current consumption 0.35 A ~ 0.9 A
Sound level 116 dB / 1 m
Housing material Steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) 115 x 70 x 145 mm
Weight 1.300 kg


Signalling flashing lamps

SOLISTA-LX ceiling

SOLISTA-LX-W-R Beacon, wall ,red / SOLISTA-LX-W-W Beacon,wall,white

The Solista LX Ceiling has a unique lens design that distributes the light in a
cylindrical shape, to achieve the required illumination specified by EN 54-23.
Designed for installation at a height of up to 3m and with a discrete appearance,
the device is ideal for a variety of applications.

  •  Ultra-low current consumption
  • Up to 7.5m coverage volume
  • 0.5Hz or 1Hz Flash rate
  •  Coverage switch to 3m
Power supply 9 ~ 60 V
Current consumption: maximum 25 mA
Current consumption: minimum 10 mA
Operating temperature -25 ~ +70 °C
Housing protection IP33C
Colour White/ Red (body and flash)
Range 132 m^3 (21 m^3)
Frequency 1 Hz (0.5 Hz)