SPC can integrate into many of the market leading security management systems, these systems provide solutions for controlling large to small systems.


A PSIM or Physical security information management allows you to manage all of your security systems within a single environment. Below you will find a list of the PSIM provides that Vanderbilt SPC supports and operates with. These systems vary in complexity and scale and also the elements that are supported.

So when do you need a PSIM? For me, you need a PSIM when an operator needs to make decisions based on the input from multiple systems.  So if we consider what happens when an intrusion occurs can your operator immediately have all cameras relating to that site appear, with the steps or actions required.  This is a PSIM at a basic level but the key of the PSIMs below is the scale the systems can grow. If you are protecting a single building or a city using SPC and our PSIM partners will allow you to create a powerful security platform for your customers.

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