SPC Connect Pro 3.13

SPC Connect Pro 3.13 will now offer support for the new SPC 3.13 firmware.

The main features in this release are

  • Full support for firmware versions 3.8.5 up to 3.13.
  • Upgrade from firmware 3.6.6 and 3.7 to 3.13


As SPC Connect Pro uses automatic updates, customers will automatically receive this update.



SPC Connect Pro - Desktop programming tool for the Vanderbilt SPC intrusion system, allows offline configuration of SPC systems

SPC Connect Pro allows you to program your SPC systems using the same interface as the SPC web page, The tool provides a framework of support functionality and material to help you perform the tasks required to support you and your customers.

For security and updates, you are required to register the software with an SPC connect installer account. You are not required to create or join a company in order to use the tool an active installer account is all that is required.


First Time Run

In order to use SPC Connect Pro, you must have an SPC Connect installer account. To set up an installer account is free. SPC Connect Pro can be started from the start menu in Windows.

Enter your SPC Connect username and password or complete the registration process to continue.

We have prepared a short video to show how to use and create your first site.

Download SPC Connect Pro 3.13 here

Other Features


Discovery allows you to find SPC panels quickly and easily, you can use the Discovery option to find any SPC panels on the network which are in Full Engineer mode. When you SPC panel running firmware version 3.8.5 and above, is in full engineer mode then the SPC panels will be discoverable when you leave full engineer mode this function is disabled. This is control by the ENMP option in the SPC configuration.


Speed up installation with favourites, define your favourites as any configuration file. These can be based off any existing configuration file and the concept is to that you can have predefined templates that can be used on many installations.

Panel configuration

Configuration report, brand and detail your installation

Overview of how to create reports on SPC Connect Pro these reports will allow you to print out an overview of the entire system, user report. The method used allows you to customize the output of the report by adding your own branding. Learn more here

Configuration file reports

Update your configuration file from 3 6 6 to 3 8 5

Overview of how to update your old configuration files to the latest version in SPC Connect Pro



SPC 3.8.5


Audio configuration - create or upload audio bundles to your SPC intrusion system

Overview of how to configure audio bundles within SPC Connect Pro and how to upload them to an SPC with compatible audio devices. The Audio bundles on SPC come with predefined languages. In this video, we will show how you can create your own bundles using the tool.

SPC Intrusion security system – Voice annunciation

Migration from SPC Pro to SPC Connect Pro

Moving from SPC Pro to SPC Connect Pro find out how to get the most of the new SPC system

SPC Connect Pro Manual

As part of providing you with material on demand the manual for SPC Connect Pro is available in HTML format, find it here