The Security Center Intrusion Manager role integrates SPC intrusion panels into Security Center for
centralized monitoring, control, and reporting.
The integration allows you to do the following:
Synchronize SPC intrusion panels and Security Center intrusion detection units,

  • Synchronize SPC areas and Security Center intrusion detection areas,
  •  Synchronize SPC zones and Security Center inputs,
  • Monitor SPC panel state changes in real-time using the Monitoring task and the Maps task in Security
  •  Monitor SPC area state changes in real-time using the Monitoring task and the Maps task in Security
  • Monitor SPC zone state changes in real-time using the Monitoring task and the Maps task in Security

    • Create event-to-actions for events that are sent from the SPC detection unit,
    • Generate reports on activities related to SPC intrusion detection areas,
    •  Link Security Center virtual zones to SPC inputs,
    •  Attach cameras to intrusion detection areas to view the recorded video associated with events and alarms
      from the panel,
    •  Manually arm and disarm the intrusion detection areas using the intrusion detection area widget,
    • Silence alarms on intrusion detection areas in Security Desk using the intrusion detection area widget

To Obtain the SPC extension:

1 Download the SPC installation package from the GTAP Product Download page.

Product information

  • You can find our product documentation in the following locations:
    Genetec™ Technical Information Site: The latest documentation is available on the Technical
    Information Site. To access the Technical Information Site, log on to Genetec™ Portal and click Technical
    Information. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact documentation@genetec.com.
  •  Installation package: The Installation Guide and Release Notes are available in the Documentation
    folder of the installation package. These documents also have a direct download link to the latest version
    of the document.
  • Help: Security Center client and web-based applications include help, which explains how the product
    works and provide instructions on how to use the product features. Genetec Patroller™ and the Sharp
    Portal also includes context-sensitive help for each screen. To access
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"Genetec is excited to welcome this integration of the Vanderbilt SPC intrusion panels as a supported part of our own open-architecture, unified IP security platform in Security Center. As a growing number of our enterprise, government, retail, transit and education end-users unify their access control systems with their video management systems, intrusion monitoring and detection is a critical operational necessity. Vanderbilt technology is a valuable add into our ecosystem of technology partner"

Louis-Rene Bergeron -Commercial Lead for External systems integration at Genetec Genetec