Alarm Management

The operator will have the ability to control areas set and unsetting the system
from within the Milestone front end. The operator will also be able to control
zones, outputs and doors on the SPC system. The system can be configured
so that the graphical interface can be used to control all of these elements

Events Triggering (bi-directional)

The plugin will allow you to trigger events on the milestone system based
on events from the SPC system. You will also be able to trigger actions on
the SPC based on events the milestone system. Should the milestone system
detect a fault it can now trigger the SPC to perform an action.

Secure IP Communications

Using the SPC FlexC® communications protocol the installer uses a common
setup to configure the communications and has the peace of mind that
communicates are secure and reliable.

SPC Milestone Plugin

The SPC Milestone plugin allows users to trigger off events and control SPC systems from within the Milestone system. When installed, the plugin allows for a 30-day trial for up to two panels and will allow the display of areas, zones, doors and outputs from the SPC system. The plugin uses FlexC to communicate with the panel and when a license is purchased from Vanderbilt it will support up to 20 SPC systems. The license also provides customers with one year support and availability to updates.


Where to buy

In order to use this plugin, you must have a Vanderbilt SPC  intrusion to find where you can obtain an SPC system click here

For more information on SPC please visit Vanderbilt Industries here

For information on Milestone VMS Click here




This download includes a 30 trial of the SPC plugin, configuration manuals and ordering information.


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Download here



If you have any questions about the Milestone Plugin for SPC or the SPC intrusion system please let us know by contacting us.

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