If you are currently a Sintony user or looking to replace a Sintony system then the following information will be of interest to you.  The SPC is an intrusion system which has been designed and enhanced over the last number of years to be a modern replacement for the Sintony series intrusion system.  If you are looking to learn more about SPC there are a range of training options available to you can if you wish you can arrange a demo click here.

Physical Migration

To perform the physical migration, the existing Sintony control panel is removed and replaced with a new SPC control
panel. The Sintony E-Bus is disconnected when the Sintony control panel is removed. A new SPC E-Bus GW is added
to the system. The SPC controller is wired to the X-Bus terminals of the newly added SPC E-Bus GW (as per normal
SPC X-Bus peripheral devices) and the previously disconnected E-Bus is re-wired to the E-Bus terminals of the SPC EBus
Where a Sintony system has additional E-Bus extension sections (E1…E4) connected to the E0 Bus via SAG91 E-Bus
expander gateways, the SAG91 E-Bus expander gateways must be removed and replaced with SPCG310 E-Bus
expander gateways. The Sintony E-Bus extension sections must be re-wired via the SPCG310 E-Bus expander
gateways to connect them to the SPC X-BUS.
For more detailed wiring information please refer to SPC E-Bus GW installation instructions

Sintony Controller Recommended SPC Controller
SI1xx SPC4xxx
SI2xx SPC5xxx
SI32x SPC5xxx
SI34x SPC6xxx
SI41x SPC6xxx
SI41x SPC6xxx
SI42x SPC6xx

SI410 Sintony® control panel


Seamleess interface

Gateway between SPC X-BUS and Sintony E-BUS.

BUS detector solution

Supports up 56 MAGIC E-BUS detectors per SPC control panel

Preserve existing wiring and devices

Supported Sintony peripheral devices can remain in situ on
the E-BUS without a need for replacing or re-wiring.

Improved system response times:

Sintony device response times are improved due to the
installation of SPC control panel and SPCG310 mapping of Sintony devices to SPC devices.

Flexible installation

Small, compact and easy to install.


Vanderbilt’s enhanced E-BUS Gateway is a new and exciting addition to the SPC series - the most innovative generation of intrusion detection systems on the market. It enables communication between the SPC controller and a wide range of E-BUS peripherals, allowing customers to mix and match SPC X-BUS and E-BUS devices to form a hybrid network, managed by SPC. The SPC E-BUS Gateway facilitates a smooth transition from Sintony to SPC without having to replace and re-wire existing Sintony peripheral E-BUS devices. That means you can capitalize on the investment you have already made in Sintony devices with a seamless interface to SPC’s powerful intrusion control functionality. It, therefore, opens the door for an efficient and cost-effective system migration. Importantly, the SPC E-BUS Gateway is also suitable for daisy-chain networks, in which multiple BUS devices can be wired together in spur or in a ring. It now supports an increased number of up to 56 MAGIC E-BUS motion detectors per SPC panel. With Vanderbilt`s MAGIC PIR and Dual detectors,
customers can take advantage of industry-leading catch performance and false alarm immunity in a stylish and slim form factor suitable for all installation scenarios


Datasheet for V54554-A101-A100 SPCG310

Additional material

SPC provides a range of manuals in order to support you if you would like to know please contact us and book your demo

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