SPC Customer interface

  • Keypad interface
  • Mobile App IOS and Android
  • Web browser


  • Remote control
  • System status
  • User control
  • Events and notifications


Customer interfaces

Mobile Applications

The SPC connect mobile applications are designed to give customer control of their system. Should an alarm occur users can receive a push notification open the mobile app review video feeds and take actions. The system user accounts also allow users to add additional users and control their access so that remote access can be provided to additional users. The mobile app provides control of

  • Arming status
  • Alerts
  • Zones
  • Door control
  • Camera viewing
  • Access to the log
  • a graphical map

The mobile app access is secured and linked to the users SPC system account so that users will only be allowed to perform the actions permitted by the system. Protecting the system and the customer.

Cloud ready

Users can also access their system using the www.spcconnect.com service and obtain an overview of their system. The user has the ability to see an overview of the status of the system or to deal with any alarms or faults. The SPC Connect cloud service provides a secure powerful interface for customers to remotely control and manage their system.

On site support

SPC on-site interfaces for customers provide a clear and powerful control system for the user. Users can use a range of keypads which provide an overview of the status of the system clear action steps the user can take and a configuration mode where users can

  • Add/Remove users 
  •  Control Doors
  • Perform system tests
  • control outputs on the system
  • Arm or disarm the system
Build in web browser

All IP enabled SPC systems to have the possibility to provide users with the ability to control and configure their system by accessing the SPC web pages directly on the SPC system. Users must be given permissions to perform these actions and will only be allowed to control elements within their permissions set. The web interface is a simple intuitive interface that allows users to take greater control of their system.

installer friendly

Setting up customers on SPC cloud services is quick and easy by using SPC connect to add the users on both the SPC panel and to the cloud system users will be prompted to complete the setup of their account and will have immediate access to their system. The setup also contains training for the end user on who to use their new SPC system.