Perfect building protection, inside and out, for medium sized applications.

SPC5000 controllers cater for up to 128 wired zones/120 wireless zones and 128 outputs, and are available in metal cabinets providing space for 7 ah or 17 ah battery. They come with integral power supply, on-board 8 wired inputs and 6 outputs, two X-BUS expansion interfaces, on-board Web server as standard and Ethernet for SPC53xx models.In addition to the on-board IP communication capabilities, they support dial-up over PPP or GSM data connection using an additional modem. The controllers enable the control of up to 16 doors/32 readers. The long distance X-BUS enables fast data exchange and redundancy (ring topology), ensuring minimal door operation waiting time and high reliability.

The system offers

  • 128 Zones
  • 500 user
  • 8 Entry/Exit doors
  • IP support
  • IP alarm reporting
  • Built in embedded web browser

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