Perfect building protection, inside and out, for medium sized applications.

SPC5000 controllers cater for up to 128 wired zones/120 wireless zones and 128 outputs, and are available in metal cabinets providing space for 7 ah or 17 ah battery. They come with integral power supply, on-board 8 wired inputs and 6 outputs, two X-BUS expansion interfaces, on-board Web server as standard and Ethernet for SPC53xx models.In addition to the on-board IP communication capabilities, they support dial-up over PPP or GSM data connection using an additional modem. The controllers enable the control of up to 16 doors/32 readers. The long distance X-BUS enables fast data exchange and redundancy (ring topology), ensuring minimal door operation waiting time and high reliability.

Vanderbilt`s SPC5330.320 control panel combines in an optimal way intrusion and access functionality in one system and can be expanded according to specific customers and project needs with up to 128 zones (8onboard), 128 outputs , 16 system keypads, 16 doors, 8 verification zones. The controller provides 2 X-BUS ports (2 stubs or 1 loop), 16 areas, 500 users with different access levels, memory for 10’000 intrusion and 10'000 access events, integrated Web Server, 2 terminals for the pluggable PSTN and GSM/GPRS communication options, onboard Ethernet interface.

The system is expandable with wireless receivers and supports up to 120 wireless detectors (mixed with wired zones).

The panel comes in a tamper-protected metal housing with space for an optional 17 Ah battery..

The system offers

  • 128 Zones
  • 500 user
  • 8 Entry/Exit doors
  • IP support
  • IP alarm reporting
  • Built in embedded web browser

More info

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Italian
  • Banking
  • Supermarkets
  • Jewelry shops
Key features
  • onboard Ethernet
  • onboard support
  • EN50131 compliant
  • 50136 communications
  • Long Battery capacity
  • Front and back tamper
  • Definable Schedules
  • Cause and effect engine
  • Access control functions
  • Audio and Video Verification

Features & Benefits


The SPC family provides a common interface for configuration across the range. Each system can be configured locally from a keypad or the connecting directly to the on board web server. Remotely the web server provides the ability to support customers and alter functionality.


The SPC system provides a powerful portfolio of communication options. The system is capable of offering IP based, 50136 compatible communications. Along with traditional analogue communications.

International approvals
  • Compliance with international standards – such as
    • EN, SES
    • NF
    • INCERT
    • IMQ

    It is crucial to ensure that security systems are installed professionally and remain reliable.


The integrated commercial capability enables you to easily configure and operate commonly used procedures for commercial applications such as intelligent handling of common areas, and additional functions for system monitoring

Cause and Effects

The functionality of the SPC system can be extended to fit specific customer or market requirements. Various triggers from the system (e.g. zones, areas, user identifications, schedules) can be logically combined in order to activate specific processes.

User management

The system provides you with the ability to control user’s intrusion and access rights. SPC offers support for a range of access readers. User’s rights can be restricted by time, day or area.

Advanced Features

User definable functions

The functionality of the SPC system can be extended to fit specific customer or market requirements. Various triggers from the system can be logically combined in order to activate specific processes

Remote Access anywhere

Using SPC Connect any IP enabled SPC panel can be remotely accessed. Providing remote access to customers to the web interface and mobile app access.


Max. number of hardwired zones128
Hardwired zones On board16
Max. number of outputs128
Programmable areas16
Max. number of users500
EOL resistor4K7/4K7 (default), 25 other resistor combinations selectable, Anti-mask support
Interfaces2 X-BUS (2 spurs or 1 loop)

2 RS232

1 Fast Programmer

1 Ethernet (RJ45)


Event memory10,000 access events 
Max. number of doors (entry/entry-exit)16/8 
Max. number of door groups16 
Supported card technologies·               Mifare

Classic 1K

·              Cotag

·              DESfire

·         EM4102

·         Wiegand (26-bits, 37 bits)

·   HID Corporate 1000


Special functionsPass-back prevention (soft / hard),Custodian, Escort

System arming functions




Web ServerHTTPS (embedded) TLS encrypted
IPNative integrated
Pluggable Communication InterfacesPSTN or GSM/GPRS modem

(max. 2 optional modems)

Standard Communication ProtocolSIA, Contact ID,  SMS messaging
Fast Programmer SupportYes
Firmware UpgradeLocal/Remote upgrade for Controller,

Expanders, Com-Modules

Alarm transmission pathsIP over Ethernet,

IP over GPRS,


Alarm transmission protocols IPFlexC – Multipath communication


Alarm transmission protocols analogue basedSIA, SIA Extended 1, SIA extended 2, Fast format, Contact ID, SMS messaging



Power and Mechanical

Mains Voltage230 V AC, +10 to -15 %, 50 Hz
Operating CurrentMax. 160 mA at 12 V DC
Quiescent currentMax. 140 mA at 12 V DC
Output voltage13-14 VDC in normal conditions (mains powered and fully charged battery),
Auxiliary power (nominal)Max. 2200 mA at 12 V DC (8 separately fused outputs, max. 300mA per output)
Battery typeYUASA NP24-12 (12 V 24 Ah)

Alarmcom AB1227-0 (12 V 27 Ah),

(batteries not supplied with product)

Tamper contactFront/back tamper switch
Operating temperature0 to +40 °C
HousingMetal housing (1.2 mm mild steel)
Dimensions326 x 415 x 114 mm
Weight (without batteries)6.100 kg (housing incl. cover)

Ordering Data

Type Art. No. DescriptionWeight*
SPCV54541-C107-B100SPC53306.100 kg)