Eventys EX - More IP than you need for less than you'd think ...

Eventys is an integrated range of IP surveillance cameras and NVRs from Vanderbilt. Eventys proves that first class surveillance needn’t be expensive or complex any more. Simple to set up and operate, Eventys means ‘plug & protect’ functionality across a powerful, seamless, reliable, yet inexpensive range of cost-effective IP CCTV cameras and dedicated NVRs.

Built-in PoE, automatic IP address allocation and device detection make Eventys the simplest, most cost-effective surveillance system to set up and operate. And it still has punch. H.264+ high compression* and optimised codec technology reduces storage consumption by up to a third, and makes image transmission and storage quicker and easier too.

SPC Connect - Expand your installation CCTV with Eventys

Shows how to add the Eventys to an SPC connect installation, this videos shows how the SPC system can be expanded to include additional cameras from an Eventys and used with the SPC verification for alarms

Eventys Unboxing and Hardware Installation EN

Eventys EX8 NVR

CRDN0810-PA 8 channel NVR, POE, Alarm
Network Recorder, 8 channel IP, H.264, 8x PoE interfaces on-board

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Eventys EX16 NVR

CRDN1610-PA 16 Channel NVR, POE, Alarm
Network Recorder, 16 channel IP, H.264, 16x PoE interfaces on-board

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