• Native IP support
  • Multipath communications
  • Open for third-party integration
  • Encryption communications
  • Up to 30 communication paths
  • Supported by IP receivers
  • Audio verification
  • Video verification
  • Powerful command interface

IP ready, intrusion IP ready, IP based alarm system, The SPC security system has communications and security at its core, learn how SPC can connect our solutions

Communications at its core

Controlled Acccess
With FlexC the SPC monitors and controls all access to SPC functionality, it offers the ability to control when users are able to remote access and control the system. The communications can be restricted to an individual user meaning that rights and permission can be strictly defined locally on the SPC system.

FlexC has been designed to provide the highest level of flexibility where customers can define a simple or complex system with ease and with an overview of the status of the system. FlexC provides an ideal migration system for IP systems by allowing for the mixing of traditional SIA/CID path with IP based communication.

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Intergration ready

FlexC provides a powerful interface at Vanderbilt we work with our partners to provide you with the best possible solutions for your business, we aim to be open and provide integrations that will enhance your business offerings.


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SPC FlexC has been externally verified to ensure that it meets the highest standards and provides a safe reliable system for your customers.

SIA CID support

SPC with its powerful IP communications also provides you with traditional alarm communications protocols such as SIA and CID. FlexC SIA/CID also provides you with the freedom to define and alter exactly which events should be reported.

SPC How to configure ARC SIA CID using FlexC

SPC is an IP ready system however it also offers support for 

  • CID
  • SIA
  • SIA extended
  • Fast format

SPC can be configured to set up a simple reporting path for alarm or if you wish you can use FlexC to mix and match analogue and IP communications

How to configure reporting

This video will show you how to setup reporting on the SPC system

SPC How to configure and use SMS

SPC modems can transit SMS events and also be used to control the SPC system users can be configured with various levels of events and control options.

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