Being one of the leading solution providers for video surveillance in Europe, SeeTec has been developing professional software solutions for 20 years. The current product line SeeTec Cayuga exceeds the original scope of merely managing security cameras by far.

SeeTec Cayuga manages all feeds generated by your surveillance cameras and thus enables holistic video monitoring at a glance - centrally on-site or remotely via different client options. Simple setup, flexible administration, seamless integration of old and new systems and many different access options ensure that your operations are safeguarded. Being manufacturer-independent, SeeTec Cayuga is compatible with the majority of network cameras available in the market. That's also the reason why video surveillance software from SeeTec can be scaled to almost any size - supporting the growth of your business.

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SPC and Seetec overview video

Available features

  • Available features
  • SPC event to trigger an alarm scenario in Cayuga
  • Arm/Disarm an area from a Cayuga map
  • Confirm an SPC alarm from within Cayuga
  • Use and control SPC I/O contacts in Cayuga
  • Visualize the status of SPC areas in Cayuga maps
  • Alarm active: yes/no
  • Area armed: yes/no
  • Special user right in Cayuga available in order to control all that
  • Very fast and easy configuration based on EDP

„Add a SPC device as you add a camera in Cayuga


  • Intrusion detection is already included in all packages

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