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SPC provides a powerful interface for systems to integrate to, using the EDP or FlexC protocols systems can monitor and control SPC systems. Below you will find a list of current systems which can be used to provide powerful integrated systems for your customers. If you have any questions on these integrations or would like to support SPC in your product please contact us below.

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Reporting devices


EDP and FlexC IP receiver with audio and video support
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The RX-8000 is a digital multiprotocol alarm receiver, supporting multiple infrastructures such as PSTN, ISDN (BRI + PRI), GSM, IP and GPRS. Mainly intended for Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) it enables customers to realize a significant saving on the existing (uni-protocol) receivers.

As most European landline telecommunications companies are migrating their old PSTN (and ISDN) based networks the RX-8000 provides CMSs with a seamless path towards IP. Vanderbilt (then Siemens Security Products) and ENAI joined hands in 2010 with the first implementation of SPC EDP and since 2015 with the FlexC alarm communications protocol.

The multi-protocol RX-8000 alarm receiver is ideally suited for CMSs that demand 24/7 business continuity. Both Vanderbilt and ENAI are committed to quality and continuity and therefore used the EN standards as the basis of this collaboration. The RX-8000 provides the CMS with a powerful, easy-to-use and flexible tool to remotely manage Vanderbilt SPC intruder systems.

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EDP and FlexC IP receiver with audio and video support

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EDP  Alarm receiver IP receiver

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Alec Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

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