The SPC series are true hybrid intrusion detection systems (designed to meet EN 50131 standards) that combine a cost-effective design and installation concept with unmatched flexibility and scalability up to 512 zones

A common range of intrusion system components can be mixed and matched to expand the system and connect detectors and peripherals from the comprehensive wired and wireless* range. Straightforward system commissioning is achieved thanks to a powerful suite of configuration tools and a high-speed/high-length expander bus with loop topology for high fault tolerance. The common ‘look & feel’ across the hardware, configuration software and operational devices facilitate installation and set up and make operation very intuitive. SPC offers advanced functionality for applications of all sizes and criticality, and with ample room for expansions or upgrades.

The SPC series are true hybrid intrusion detection systems ( EN 50131 compliant ) that combine a cost-effective design and installation concept with unmatched flexibility and scalability up to 512 zones (with up to 64 wireless zones).


Externally verified and tested to ensure the highest standards


Designed for a connected world SPC has security at its core


Using an intuitive web or keypad interface SPC is simple to program and to achieve the desired functionality

Perfectly suited for every application and future-proof too.

Regardless what environment is to be protected – offices, shops, warehouses, banks or factory buildings – the Vanderbilt SPC series provides the ideal solution to every customer’s needs in small, medium and large and/or high-risk applications. Innovative and flexible All components of the SPC series are of a modular design to allow easy system expansion and are completely ready for future technologies. Vanderbilt SPC is a visionary alarm concept, developed to capitalize on flexible system engineering and maximize integration and programming options.

Multi Area

The SPC system can be divided into sub areas providing a scale able approach to security

Area linking

The SPC system can provide simple and complex interlinking between areas to ensure staff and the premises are protected

Scheduled Area Control

Automatically arm or disarm areas based on time of day. Use delay Arming to allow employees to stay late

Configurable input types

SPC inputs can be configured to perform a range of operations and features for example alarm, smoke, fault or tamper monitoring

Duress code

Allows users to arm or disarm an area as normal, but sends a silent alarm to the offsite monitoring station

Dual code

Enhance security with dual code requirement ensuring that two users are present to arm or disarm the system

Custom logic

Define your own logic with SPC cause and effect programming, allows you to define how elements of the system interact

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User management

Integrated Access

Cloud ready

Integration solutions


Full range of Peripherals

One system for all applications

Alarm verification


System calculator

Monitored power supplies


Version Information

Fully integrated secure IP based communication

Embedded web server and Full cloud control management solution with SPC Connect

Integrated access control

Extensive software suite with strong remote capabilities/access

Firmware updates deliver the latest in security and operations

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