The SPC audio devices allow the upload of audio bundles on to these devices, the devices can support a range of languages and if you wish you can create your own audio configuration. The SPC Connect Pro is provided with these default audio bundles

- English

- Germain

- Danish

- Spainish

- French

- Italian

- Dutch

- Swedish



Each Audio bundle has a range of messages

1 Enter code
2 Access denied
3 Invalid access code
4 Engineer on site
5 Engineer access denied
6 Unset
7 Full set
8 Setting system, please vacate area
9 Fail to set
10 Open zones
100 Controller mains fault
101 Controller battery fault
102 Controller auxiliary fuse fault
103 Controller external bell fuse fault
104 Controller internal bell fuse fault
105 Controller cabinet tamper
106 Controller auxiliary tamper
107 Controller antenna tamper
108 Controller radio jamming
109 Modem fault
110 Modem line fault
111 BUS cable fault
112 BUS communications fault
113 BUS mains fault
114 BUS battery fault
115 BUS fuse fault
116 BUS cabinet tamper
117 BUS radio jamming
200 Challenge 1
201 Challenge 2
202 Challenge 3
203 Challenge 4
204 Challenge 5
205 Challenge 6
206 Challenge 7
207 Challenge 8
208 Challenge 9
209 Challenge 10


The SPCV340.000 Audio Expander extends the SPC system via X-BUS with an audio verification zone, 4 wired zones, and 1 open collector output. The built-in microphone and speaker allow pre- / post-event audio recording and live audio (listen / talk) between ARC/CMS and the SPC system. Up to 3 audio satellites (SPCV310/410) can be connected to the expander.



The SPCK623.100 comfort keypad is ideal to operate single area and multi area applications in a user friendly way. The 4 soft keys and the multi dimensional navigation key allow an easy operation with a minimum of operation steps. Status information and ‘next step’ prompts are clearly displayed on the large LCD. Customer logo, emergency or quick set functions can be displayed in idle state. The integrated card reader enables quick setting / unsetting of areas by use of a proximity card only or in combination with a valid user PIN. The built in speaker and sensitive microphone support audio features such as alarm verification or voice annunciation. The functionality can be enhanced with the SPCE110 key switch expander or the SPCE120 indication expander.



The SPCK521 Compact Keypad is slim, stylish and features packed. With touch key technology, the 4 soft keys and navigation keys allow easy operation with a minimum number of steps. Status information and ‘next step’ prompts are clearly displayed on the large LCD. The integrated speaker enhances the user experience with audio annunciation. Support for EM and Mifare card technologies are provided by integrated readers allowing for quick user authentication. Customer logo, emergency or quick set functions can be displayed in an idle state. Various mounting options and accessories provide a complete keypad interface.

Audio configuration - create or upload audio bundles to your SPC intrusion system

Overview of how to configure audio bundles within SPC Connect Pro and how to upload them to an SPC with compatible audio devices. The Audio bundles on SPC come with predefined languages. In this video, we will show how you can create your own bundles using the tool.


From the SPC Connect Pro tool, you can select the audio bundle you wish to edit. the tool comes with many files as standard you cannot edit these. If you wish to create your own you must replicate the file first.

Configuration of the bundle

Within each bundle, you can edit any of the messages. these include the challenge messages, these are part of a wider CMS functionality


SPC Connect – Challenge Intruders


Editing a message

Each message can be edited you can record your message if you wish, once complete you can save the new message.

Additional material on verification and audio