This functionality requires SPC 3.8.5 or greater

Intrusion systems in commercial or industrial settings are generally connected to many systems, (SPC integration partners) you may be required or asked to test the signaling of certain events to ensure that the external systems operate correctly. Many of our customers in order to achieve this would have to arm the system during the day and trigger a full alarm condition, this is generally not convenient for the end customer so we added some functionality to SPC to help you.

The function added in SPC 3.8.5 will allow you to signal an alarm condition from any zone/input on the system, where the system will signal an alarm or restore event based on the zone type. So if this is an alarm zone it will trigger a burglary alarm, a panic - a panic alarm, a medical zone a medical alarm and so on.

When triggered this will report the event overall interfaces and communications paths including

  •  SMS
  •  FlexC
  •  EDP
  •  ARC
  •  Push notifications

The goal of this functionality is to help you verify and improve the performance of the security system. We would, of course, advise that you contact your monitoring station to ensure that they are aware that test signally is occurring.