SIWENOID is a graphical management system that integrates security subsystems of different vendors. Main features: 2-way communication to control panels / extended user permission definition / interactions between subsystems (scripting) / online configuration / offline training and simulation.


SPC Intergration

Key features of Siwenoid V2

  • Dynamic, fast java application
  • Server – client application with H2 database – no need for mysql and other third party software
  • OS independent (Windows, Linux, OSx version available)
  • No floating windows
  • Multiple display configuration
  • Resizable workplaces on every display
  • High resolution maps including DXF file usage
  • Zoomable, rollable dynamic maps
  • Constant development of subsystem integration
  • Extended permission system
  • Flexible configuration possibilities
  • Dynamic licencing features

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 SIWENA  security system
Article Name
SIWENA security system
Overview of the SIWENA security system integration with SPC
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