You wouldn't know it from its sleek, stylish exterior, but the clean lines of the MAGIC motion detector family exterior conceal technology that was created to meet the widest range of today's intruder detection challenges. Uniform sensitivity across the detection range, coupled with cast-iron reliability, make MAGIC the natural choice for installers and end-users alike.


MAGIC appeals to users that demand top-level security, but who also want detectors that are stylish, well designed and discrete which is why they have installed MAGIC. Meanwhile, installers
across Europe are finding that MAGIC is quick and easy to install with End-of-Line boards, Snap-In technology and Automatic Walk Testing. MAGIC is our most sensitive, most reliable detector yet, but both versions are half as deep as any other premium detector. And it has a flat front too. In other words, there is now a detector that doesn’t even look like a detector.

Multiple Sensor Filter

An array of filters protect the sensor from random and unwanted white light, which promotes maximum disturbance immunity.

Advance imaging of detection zone

Double mirror technology creates uniformly sensitive detection areas, which lead to homogeneous sensitivity coverage and reliable detection performance.

Compact design

Double mirror means a smaller mirror, which leads to a flat and thin detector housing with a uniquely small footprint.

Vanderbilt MAGIC motion detectors satisfy installers' and end users' demand for a stylish, unobtrusive detector with revolutionary detection performance. This is due to the development of our unique MAGIC mirror, which permits a narrow, flat-faced detector that doesn't compromise on style but still delivers extreme sensitivity, reliability, ease of installation, real-time anti-masking,

A heavyweight detector with a very light touch.

Modern, elegant, compact design will suit the most stylish of environments, MAGIC's flat, low profile format and flush mountability mean unobtrusive installation anywhere.

Innovative MAGIC Mirror technology means high security; thanks to reliable, sensitive detection which, in consequence, leads to less false alarms.

  • Multiple filter for white-light immunity
  • Consistent sensitivity across whole detection range
  • Mirror built-in anti-mask functionality to protect complete detector window
  • Reduced interferences between two dual detectors
    • greater flexibility for the place of installation
    • Less false alarms
  • Microwave can be switched off when unset

Vanderbilt "snap-in" technology protects all sensitive electronics and optics of damage and contamination. The cover with the electronics and optics simply clips-on once the mounting and wiring is complete.

Vanderbilt End of Line (EoL) Concept, makes wiring of resistors redundant for SPC and Sintony panels. Adaptations to any other panel is easy, quick and error-free. Ongoing cost savings and improved sustainability through lower power consumption across a lifetime and the use of smaller PSU and batteries.

MAGIC detectors also offer the lowest energy consumption on the market, thanks to their optimized electronics.

Works best with SPC

Technical benefits

Innovative technology - sensitive and reliable detection performance, with anti-masking integrated into the mirror - multiple white

Detectors for today's interiors

Less depth than any other comparable detector family. Modern, elegant and attractive, ideal for banks, hotels, galleries, offices and residential

Detectors for installers

All detector versions fit 12m or 18m range housings. Snap-in technology, designed for easy and quick installation. Full upgrade-and-downgrade capability to cover changing application requirements.

Extending the End-of-line concept

The new versatile EoL concept is optimised for SPC and Sintony panels and features easy adaptability to other panels.

MAGIC Awards

Even before the official launch, the MAGIC detectors received various awards including the Red Dot Design Award 2013 and the SSA Award 2013.

Energy Saving

MAGIC's efficiency means lower current consumption, with smaller power supplies and batteries.

The SPC offers functionality to support the Magic motion detectors allow for a compliant system meeting some of the highest standards in the security industry.

The passive infrared and passive infrared with Anti-masking option offers the best in performance and visual impact.

The Dual Range

Modern and elegant design

Modern, elegant, compact design will suit the most stylish of environments. MAGIC’s flat, low profile and flush mountability means an unobtrusive installation that compliments its surroundings
wherever you put it

Unrivalled detection performance through MAGIC mirror technology

Innovative MAGIC Mirror technology maximizes detection with multiple filters for white-light immunity and built-in anti-mask functionality, to protect the complete detector window.

Easy, quick and error-free to install

“Snap-in” technology means the cover holding the electronics and optics simply clips into place once mounting and wiring is complete. Siemens End of Line (EOL) Concept, makes wiring of
resistors redundant for SPC and Sintony panels. Adaptations to any other intrusion panel is easy, quick and error-free

Extra low energy consumption

MAGIC detectors offer a very low energy consumption thanks to their optimized electronics. In addition to low energy consumption, benefits include lower costs both for power supply units and
batteries in the control panel

Compliance with new regulations

MAGIC detectors fully comply with new CE regulations. Additionally, they comply with security approvals like EN, VdS, NF, REQ, INCERT and IMQ

Unique flush mount installation

Compact, flat design enables flush-mounted installation of the detectors without compromising detector performance, thanks to  MAGIC mirror technology.


pdm-i12t PDM-I12  PDM-I18  PDM-I18T

PDM-IXA12 DUAL detector 10.525GHz

PDM-IXA12T Dual AM detector 10.525GHz

PDM-IXA18 DUAL detector 10.525GHz

PDM-IXA18T Dual AM detector 10.525GHz

PDM-IXD12 DUAL detector 9.35GHz

PDM-IXD12T Dual AM detector 9.35GHz

PDM-IXD18 DUAL detector 9.35GHz

PDM-IXD18T Dual AM detector 9.35GHz

PDM-IXE12 DUAL detector 10.587GHz

PDM-IXE12T Dual AM detector 10.587GHz

PDM-IXE18 DUAL detector 10.587GHz

PDM-IXE18T Dual AM detector 10.587GHz