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The Christmas price for Lundix SPC Bridge Homey is only 155 Euro (1595 SEK) incl VAT excl shipping. Normal price is 195 Euro (1995 SEK). The offer is valid until 31 December 2018.

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Solutions Provided

Name:  SPC SmartBox

Features implemented:

SPC SmartBox is a network device that adds smart Home and Building Automation features to Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Detection System. SPC SmartBox can read status from and control outputs and actuators in SPC, Z-Wave, KNX and MODBUS devices. For instance, an alarm area mode change or a alarm input status change can be used as scene trigger to control Z-Wave/KNX light switches or a water valves.
SPC SmartBox hardware is based on the Z-Wave Gateway iCPE from CTS Northern Europe. Only IP network communication is required between the SmartBox and the SPC system (Vanderbilt official FlexC IP protocol is used).
Main features:

  • Vanderbilt FlexC communication
  • Z-Wave Plus support
  • KNX support (via Weinzierl BAOS protocol)
  • MODBUS TCP protocol support (RTU supported via TCP/RTU converter)
  • Status from SPC, Z-Wave, KNX and MODBUS can be used as scene triggers and conditions
  • Triggers and conditions can be based on System time and Sunrise/Sunset time
  • Control of SPC outputs and Z-Wave, KNX and MODBUS actuators
  • Reading values from Z-Wave, KNX and MODBUS sensors
  • Push Notifications (Email, Pushover)
  • Powerful Scene Engine
  • Very easy to use web based Scene Editor
  • Web based Admin GUI
  • Web based Dashboard and editor

More features will be added in the future, e.g. media support.


Name:  SPC Gateway Box

Features implemented:
SPC Gateway is a network device that adds extra features to a Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Detection System and easy integration with third party Home, Building and Industrial Automation systems. The communication with the SPC Panel is based on Vanderbilt EDP protocol


Main features:

  • SPC Panel Communication (EDP Protocol)
  • Alarm and event notifications via email, NMA (Android) and Prowl (iOS).
  • Status mirroring to Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Generic REST, Websocket and MQTT API. Can be used for integration with most third party systems
  • Support for I/O hardwired to the device
  • Web based Admin GUI and ssh for advanced users




Name:  SPC Web Gateway

Features implemented:

SPC Web Gateway is a software application providing a generic open interface to Vanderbilt SPC panels. The interface will simplify SPC integration with third party applications and products such as Home and Building Automation Systems. Supported protocols are REST API for queries/commands and Websockets for event reports.


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