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Getting Started

SPC Connect Panel groups - how to organise your system

Panel groups allow for you to create an organizational structure within SPC connect which allow you to define the functionality you wish to use and offer to your customers. Using panel groups you can define what functions you wish to operate on certain panels.

The grouping of SPC systems is freely definable and you may add a system to a group for the region and to an additional group to detail the functions. Groups are key to controlling access to systems when you add additional users to your system you can define the access and role that they can perform based on a panel group.

We have given you great freedom to define the system as you wish however we cannot advise enough that having a clear strategy of the organization of your systems will greater ease your workflow and management of the system

Find out more in the connect manuals

Customer notifications

SPC Connect will now offer the service to installers to allow them to communicate through the SPC Connect network directly to their customers. What this service allows you to do is to create a message that will appear within the user’s app and can also be sent via push and/or email. The title, text, and images can all be defined by you and also the call to action. This call to action can be triggered to redirect to your website and will allow you to follow up with customers. In order to support you better, you can also download the list of all customers interested in your message from within the SPC Connect website.

This feature is dependent on an update to the SPC Connect mobile app which will be released shortly.

How to Access your SPC remotely

An overview of how to remotely access the SPC web page of your SPC security system using SPC connect. The video shows how to use the secure connection to SPC connect in order to remotely allow programming of your SPC system. Using SPC connect you have access to the complete web configuration of the SPC intrusion system.

How to configure and control users from SPC connect

Using SPC Connect and SPC you can now remotely control users, setup cloud accounts and quickly import users setting them up quickly and securely. In this demo we will see how the SPC cloud services platform SPC Connect can be used to provide a range of services for customers including management of users

SPC connect is the cloud service for SPC intrusion systems, the company structure with SPC connect allows security professions to quickly manage users within SPC connect, adding users via the cloud will create an account for your users to access their systems remotely and add the user to the SPC system on premises. The system is designed to save time and provide a secure interface for the end user.

User restrictions


This enhancement is intended to give greater control to the security company of the level of service they wish to offer through SPC Connect. The function allows the security to define what operations are allowed by a user, options include

  • Blocking Email
  • Blocking push
  • Blocking verification
  • Blocking mobile app
  • Blocking verification web

Verification to your device

If an SPC panel is part of an SPC connect installer account then a new feature will activate on the user device which will allow the user to view verification data. If the SPC panel is not part of a company or the company has chosen to block this feature then the users of that panel will not see change. When this enhancement is enabled the when an alarm occurs that has verification the user will be able to view the data and also talk and listen live to site.

SPC connect - Alarm management features

  • Alarm Verificaiton
  • Controls
  • View status
  • Push notificaitons

SPC Connect - How to store and backup configuration file

Backing up files to SPC Connect installer accounts, SPC Connect can automatically be configured to store configuration files to ensure you always have the latest file available. Files can be restored from the server to the site also should issues occur.

SPC Connect mobile app intro available for Android and IOS

The SPC Connect mobile app for system users allows a complete overview of a single or multiple SPC systems, allowing for control of

  • Areas
  • Zones
  • Doors
  • Outputs
  • push notifications

SPC Connect - Bridging the Gap

SPC Connect delivers an enhanced platform for installers to have greater control over the services they offer. Allowing them to communicate and enhance their business. SPC Connect bridging the gap between security installers and their customers.

SPC Connect - Register a Company Account

This video will show you how to register an account on SPC Connect for installation companies and security personnel