SPC Connect

  • Vanderbilt Hosted Cloud solution
  • Designed to provide access and control of SPC systems
  • Designed for both installers and system users.


  • Remote control
  • System status
  • User control
  • Events and notifications


SPC 2.4 - Latest release of SPC connect

  • Alarm Verificaiton
  • Controls
  • View status
  • Push notificaitons

Getting started with SPC Connect

In order to use SPC connect you must create an SPC Connect installer account. You can signup for an account on www.spcconnect.com  once you have confirmed your email you will be asked if you wish to join a company or to create one. To create a company you need to register with Vanderbilt this is so that we can support and control the billing of the system, however, today Vanderbilt is offering a six month free trial of SPC connect. Once you have created your company you will have a company ID and password so that your team members can join the company and start to work together.

SPC Connect is designed so that it reflects your companies organization, the structure allows you to define certain system into groups and to define the features which you want those systems to have and who in your team should have access. We aim to create a system that will provide flexibility and enable your business the key decision when your system grows is to determine how your groups will be organized. You can choose to have an SPC system in multiple groups so that you can define your groups to reflect a geographical range or feature set.

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Updating account

For certain users who have created system user accounts SPC connect does offer you the ability to migrate your systems into an SPC connect company account. 

Adding Systems to your account

You can add systems to your account so that you can control and view the status of the systems. 

Find out more in the connect manuals

SPC Connect organisation - Panel groups

Panel groups allow for you to create an organizational structure within SPC connect which allow you to define the functionality you wish to use and offer to your customers.

Find out more in the connect manuals

SPC Connect Auto enroll

With SPC you can define your configuration so that SPC systems will automatically enroll into your SPC company account. This functionality means that when an SPC panel connects to SPC connect for the first time it will automatically connect to your company account. 

Find out more in the connect manuals

Remote access

SPC connect creates a secure tunnel to remote SPC systems, the tunnel can be used to remotely access the SPC web page on the SPC panel. This allows for complete remote programming of the system. 

Find out more in the connect manuals

SPC Connect - Customer interface system users

Users programming

SPC connect provides the ability to provide users with access to their SPC system on site and the SPC Connect cloud interface. The user's account will be prepopulated with the SPC system which you have defined.

User setup

Using SPC connect when you create a user you can also start the process for them to have there own system user connect account. This sends the user a mail with a link to complete the registration allowing for security of the users passwords and a smooth setup experience

SPC Connect Overview video

This video is a show case of the mobile app functionality if you wish to use or embed the video in your material the link to the video is


The SPC connect app has a built in demo functionality which will allow you to learn and train your customers how to use the system

SPC Connect features and operations

Audit and overview

SPC Provides an overview of actions take by operators and can display an overview which can who performed actions on both the SPC connect and remote SPC systems.

Configuration file management

SPC connect can be configured so that any changes made to an SPC system can be stored on the SPC connect server ensuring that the latest file is always available should the worst occur.

Challenge Intruders

As part of SPC connect alarm management can offer you the ability to trigger predefined messages in order to signal intruders to leave the area or to identify themselves. 

Status Overview

SPC Connect offers you the ability to have a complete overview of the status of your system, the overview can show you faults, inhibits and alerts or faults on the system.  This is a general interface so that you can identify what actions are required if working in alarm management or in a support role.

Verify alarms

SPC has the ability to record both audio and images when an alarm occurs and can provide this information to you or your customers. SPC connect can also be configured to achieve the data so that you can review export the verification for external review.

Eventys for SPC

Expand your SPC systems with additional cameras using the SPC connect Eventys integration.

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