SPC5000 -  Modern integrated Solutions

The SPC5000 series intrusion systems provide a range of functionality ideal for the protection for Retail/shop Facilities, Each SPC5000 can support up to 128 zones/inputs each of which can provide a range of options from monitoring of the Vanderbilt Magic motion detectors or one of many other types of protection devices.

SPC Intrusion system SPC6330

Software integration

The SPC is a highly integrated system and is integrated into many of the world’s leading PSIM, VMS and other security solutions, find out more here

Building integration

The status of the SPC can be integrated into industrial systems such as BACnet, Modbus or other buses, find out more here

Simplified Access control

With the SPC system, each user can be given permission to access doors based on profiles which allow for a flexible yet simple system to manage users. Click here to learn more

Project Support

If you have a project that you wish to discuss with Vanderbilt, click here to contact us or complete the form here.

SPC Intrusion system SPC6330

SPC 5000 specifications

Get started today

Follow our start-up guide to learn more about SPC including our online Learning management system, SPC start-up guide, if you have any questions please contact Vanderbilt industries here