SPC Connect 3.0 - Update scheduled for the 6th of February 2020 2pm CET

The Update to version 3.0 will be applied to SPC Connect Server

  • 6th February 2020
  • 2:00pm (CET)
  • Expected downtime: 4 hours
  • The following services will not available during the update:
    • SPC Connect Webpage Login
    • Mobile SPC Connect applications
    • FlexC Communication server
    • Remote access to SPC panels

Will will provide you with continuous updates on it's progress.

and we apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period.



SPC Connect - FAQ's

  1. How long with the SPC Connect update take?
    • Your SPC panel connections will be offline for a number of hours. (Approx 4 hours)
  2. Will I have to make changes to my SPC connections on my panel?
    • No, if you have the URL spcconnect.com in the SPC Connect FlexC ATS connection,
      the change over will be automatic
  3. What if I have a static IP address in my SPC Connect FlexC ATS connection?
    • You will have to change the IP address in the SPC Connect FlexC connection to the
      new Azure IP address You could also change the IP address to the URL
  4. What is the new Azure SPC Connect server IP address and where can I get it?
    • This will be
  5. Will my SPC Connect App work during/ after the update?
    • During the update take place:
      The SPC Connect App will not work during the update.
    • After the update took place:
      The SPC Connect App will automatically establish a connection to the new portal server
      and the configured functionally is available again.
      Exception: SPC panels using the fixed IP address to establish a connection to the SPC
      connect portal. (see more info FAQ: My panel is using fixed IP to establish a connection
      to www.spcconnect .com, will it work after the update?)
  6. How to force the web browser to use the new IP address behind the URL www.spcconnect.com
    • Press CTRL +F5 to manually refresh the web browser cache
  7. My panel is using fixed IP to establish a connection to www.spcconnect.com, will the App work after
    the update?

    • No, the App will not work. The SPC Connect FlexC ATS setting must be changed?
      Please get in touch with your installation company.
  8. I am using the email and/or push notification service from the SPC Connect portal, are those
    services work after the update took place?

    • Yes, all configured services will become online again. It may happen, that some emails
      will be marked as “Junk” until every mail server did the DNS lookup and updated its IP
      address table.