Comprehensive SPC Peripherals

The modular system design allows the use of common SPC peripherals across the whole system family. This facilitates the planning efforts for the various application sizes and allows the system to grow with the customer needs.

Keypad,control and display expanders

Compact Keypad
compact_keypad The SPCK520.100-N Compact Keypad is slim, stylish and feature packed. With touch key technology, the 4 soft keys and navigation keys allow easy operation with a minimum number of steps. Status information and ‘next step’ prompts are clearly displayed on the large LCD. The integrated speaker enhances the user experience with audio annunciation. Customer logo, emergency or quick set functions can be displayed in idle state. Various mounting options and accessories provide a complete keypad interface.
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Comfort Keyboard
comfort_keypad The comfort keypad with its large LCD display and optional voice assistance functionality is ideal for all kind of applications, from simple single area systems up to complex multi area systems.
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Standard keypad
indicator_module SPC keypads provide an easy interface to locally controlled SPC systems. A modern and functionally advanced user interface for all type of standard applications is available.
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Indication expander
indicator_module The indication expander offers a flexible programmable user interface to indicate any status information on LEDs and to activate processes.
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Keyswitch The Keyswitch expander offers a flexible programmable user interface to control your system.
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A card/tag can be used to activate indication or keys. The key switch expander enables the activation of user-specific functions and indicates status information on LEDs.

Bus expanders

Wireless expander
Wireless_expander SPC supports wireless detectors and peripherals based on proven SiWay radio communication technology. The receiver includes an integrated RF access point, enabling installation for optimal wireless coverage and reception quality.
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I/O expander
I_O_expander The expander supports 8 wired zones and 2 fully programmable relay outputs. The zones and outputs function exactly as the zones and outputs on the controller. Each zone can be configured for different monitoring requirements. The relays can be programmed to activate under a number of conditions.
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Output expander
Output_expander The 8-output expander supports 8 fully programmable relay outputs which can be configured to any system output type
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Audio keypad
Output_expander The comfort keypad is ideal to operate single area and multi area applications in a user friendly way. The built in speaker and sensitive microphone support audio features as alarm verification or voice annunciation.
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