COSMO is a simple and efficient solution for managing all the information of your security, energy and operations systems in just one place.

This software stands out for its simplicity and modular and evolutionary approach, as well as by gathering, on a single platform, all components needed to enhance Building Performance.

COSMO is the only multi-language system, compatible with a wide range of equipment and brands. It was designed to make the most of the industry's current standards regarding the integration of equipment and installations, allowing a permanent and optimized evolution for each solution.

Management from a single location of geographically distributed assets;
Improvement of response times;
Risk reduction;
Decrease of time wasted on false alarms;
Reports and charts.
Features implemented:

Real time access to the status of all the panels, zones and partitions
Graphic access to information through physical (map) or logical location
Remote control of panels and partitions (arm / disarm / partial (partset))
Remote bypass of zones CCTV validation, when available Alarms log