SPC Milestone plugin V2 – release

SPC Milestone plugin V2 -release

The SPC Milestone plugin allows users to trigger off events and control SPC systems from within
the Milestone system. When installed, the plugin allows for a 30-day trial for up to two panels
and will allow the display of areas, zones, doors, and outputs from the SPC system. The plugin
uses FlexC to communicate with the panel. The license provides customers with 1-year support
and availability to updates.

In addition to the new functions, Vanderbilt will be offering an additional licensing option for
smaller systems. This new 5-panel license is offered at a reduced price point but offers the same
functionality and operation.


For users who currently are using Version 1 of the Milestone plugin, the updated plugin offers
the following:

  •  Live status in the graphical map of
    •  Areas
    • Zones
    • Doors
      • Ability to trigger actions on SPC based on rules within Milestone
      • Ability to use SPC events to trigger actions within the Milestone system

Availability and ordering

The plugin is available from here
The plug-in is compatible with SPC 3.6.6, 3.7.1 and SPC 3.8

DescriptionArticle number
SPC Milestone Plugin with 1
year support 20 SPC Panels Licence
SPC Milestone Plugin
additional year support Licence
SPC Milestone Plugin with 1
year support 5 SPC Panels Licence

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