SPC Connect 2.7 update

SPC Connect 2.7:

As previously communicated in Product Announcement PSU-I-09-2017 on 13 December 2017, Vanderbilt is pleased to announce the release of SPC Connect 2.7. As part of this enhancement Vanderbilt will be transferring the hosting of SPC Connect to Microsoft Azure. With this update we continue to enhance the stability of SPC Connect by increasing our server capacity and hosting capacity. This update will take place on 31st October.

Please be aware:

When this update is in progress, SPC Connect will be offline for a number of hours. Please take notice of key points that will occur:

  • The IP address of the SPC Connect will change as part of this update. SPC panels, mobile apps, and browsers configured with a URL will refresh with the new IP address and communications will be re-established.
  • Your username and passwords will be transferred to the new server.
  • The email server used will also be changing. This can result in certain mails temporarily being marked as junk.
  • On the 31 October, your browser will cache the IP address of the old SPC connect server. If you wish to get the new IP address of the server, please use the shortcut key CTRL + F5
  • You will be able to track the status of the update HERE

Important notice for customers still using a static IP address on their FlexC ATS connection:

  • We are aware that certain customers have configured the SPC panel with a static IP address, these systems will not transfer to the new system and you and your customers will be unable to access the systems from www.spcconnect.com. We will be making a temporary provision for this and the old server will be operational until the end of November to allow customers to access their systems and reconfigure to use the SPC Connect URL. We will be communicating with these customers who have a company account on SPC Connect directly with details of how this can be achieved.

    To access the old SPC connect server please use the following URL: http://

Yours sincerely,
Vanderbilt Industries
SPC Connect Team

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