User guides


SPCK42X user guide for the SPCK420 SPCK421


SPCK52X user guide for the SPCK520 SPCK521


SPCK62X user guide for the SPCK620 SPCK621


SPCE120 user guide for the indication module


SPCE110 user guide for the key switch module

SPC Connect

User Manual

Help users get started on SPC Connect with the SPC Connect quick start guides

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IOS App – Quick Start Customize with your logo
Web App – Quick Start Customize with your logo

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User App overview

User setup

Using SPC connect when you create a user you can also start the process for them to have their own system user connect account. This sends the user a mail with a link to complete the registration allowing for the the security of the user's passwords and a smooth setup experience

User account setup completion

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Article Name
Vanderbilt SPC user mauals
User manuals for the SPCK420 SPCK421 SPCK520 SPCK521 SPCE110 SPCE120 and SPC Connect. The guides show users how to interact with the system and the options available to them.
Publisher Name
Vanderbilt Industries