This is an application guide of how an integration was achieved to Assa Abloy Aperio Wireless locks using the AH20 1-to-1Aperio® Wiegand interface communication hub the data sheet of which can be found here. The hub can be connected directly to the SPC Door controllers allowing you to use compatible Assa Abloy wireless locks with the SPC systems. Doors can then be locked, unlocked, access granted, access denied from the SPC system. The information provided is true at the time of publication.

The Assa Abloy locks and hubs are available from Vanderbilt Industries, the AH20 part code is N54513-F115-A100




The Hub

The hub provides a Wiegand output and inputs for 12V, GND, green and red led control this will be connected directly to the SPC door controller.


Hub SPC Door controller
D1 D1
D0 D0
8 -24V 12V
Green VA1
Red VD1


Turn on dip switches on the hub should be set to 1 and 10 the remainder should be in the off position



Completing configuration - Adding cards

Once the system is wired correctly you can badge a card on the wireless lock this will appear on the unknown card list on SPC, you can then add this card to a user.

SPC Access configuration learn more here

SPC provides a range of manuals in order to support you if you would like to know please contact us and book your demo


SPC Access control