SPC Bridge Control4 integrates Vanderbilt SPC system with a Control4 system. The SPC system is fully integrated in the Control4 GUI. All SPC events, e.g. arming, disarming, motion detected, contact open/closed, fire and burglary alarm, can be used as triggers and conditions in the Control4 system to control other equipments. From the Control4 scene engine system it is also possible to arm and disarm the SPC system.

Main feautes:

  • SPC FlexC IP communication
  • Full integration of SPC in Control4 GUI (navigators)
  • Events from SPC system can be used as triggers and conditions in Control4 scene engine
  • Support for arming/disarming of the SPC system from Control4

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Article Name
Control4 - SPC integration into your home automation system
Overview of how to integrate SPC intrusion system with the control4 home automation system, this will provide users will the ability to visualize there Vanderbilt SPC system within the Control4 environment
Publisher Name
Vanderbilt Industries