The functionality in SPC connect to import users allows for import of users from a file and for them to be added to an SPC system. This can be used to configure a large system quickly and easily and you or your customer can use excel to achieve this. We will also show advanced options where users pins can be automatically created and sent to the customer.

Email User PIN Options

This is a very useful feature when used with the AUTO pin feature above which can help protect the business by ensuring you never knew the customer's pin. You can of course also choose a pin and email it to a customer.


Please note

To automatically send the user PIN to the user:

This value must be Yes.

Email Address must be populated with a valid email address.

Pin options

The PIN the user will use to access the SPC panel.

For a new panel user:

  • Specify AUTO to auto-generate a PIN (for new users only).
  • Specify 0 to indicate the user has not been assigned a PIN.
  • Please note the pin Cannot be empty and Must be unique on the panel.

For an existing panel user:

  • Must be empty or *****.
  • You cannot change the PIN value for an existing user

Language Options

Must be one of the following numeric language codes:

  • 255 – System language
  • 0 – English
  • 1 – Spanish
  • 2 – French
  • 3 – Italian
  • 4 – Finnish
  • 7 – Swedish
  • 8 – Norwegian
  • 9 – Danish
  • 10 – Czech
  • 11 – Polish
  • 12 – Romanian
  • 13 – Dutch
  • 14 – Russian
  • 15 – German
  • 16 – Portuguese
  • 17 – Flemish

If the specified language is not available on the panel, the user language will be set to the system language

Additional options

Once you have set up your users you can use SPC Connect to create an account for your user helping to simplify the process for them find out more here if you would like to know more about SPC users, profiles etc please click here