We aim to be clear and provide you with the latest information on pricing and how to ensure your data is correct and accurate, please review the information below to ensure that your account is configured correctly. In January, we launched a new payment system to support SPC Connect payments. This service is designed to provide a hosted portal for you to have access to your SPC Connect account. This service also allows you to manage your invoices and payment methods. The subscriptions on the services are synced with SPC Connect. Therefore, if a panel is added or removed, this will update your active subscriptions. This service is using Stripe to handle our credit card handling service. We plan to introduce SEPA direct debit payment handling soon. We want to thank you for entering your payment details. We would also like to highlight some additional settings that will be important for your business.


SPC Connect - Vanderbilt payment and pricing information

Additional installer account
Additional installer account
Setup and configuration
Charges to create and setup connect acccount


Invoices will be raised in the language you set in the hosted portal. If you wish invoices to be raised in a specific language, please update this. All future invoices will be raised in this language. So, it is important to configure this setting.

VAT number/Billing address

The prices presented for SPC Connect are tax exclusive. To avoid misunderstandings around payment formalities, we kindly ask you to enter a valid VAT number and billing address for your business.


For customers who have SPC Connect payment details entered, the first invoices will be raised on the 6 February 2019. If you have not entered your payment details by this date, this amount will be stored on your account. We understand that certain customers cannot pay by credit card at this time.

Moving forward

Throughout 2019, we are planning several releases on SPC Connect with major enhancements to functionality and graphical interface.  We will also be creating a closer link between the hosted service for payment and SPC Connect. This will make the interface between the two systems more streamlined and provide you with greater visibility and additional business opportunities.