Welcome to SPC

If you are considering switching to SPC you are very welcome and we look forward to working with you. Vanderbilt and our partners offer training on the SPC system and if you wish to enroll in a training please contact Vanderbilt and request a demo. SPC is a powerful system that finds a mix of simplifying with the power you will find with the SPC a range of options that have been designed to support you and your customer with a platform that will deliver for you both.  



Lets get started

First start

The following video will show you how to start your SPC system and how to perform a simple setup

Overview of Vanderbilt SPC peripherals

In this presentation, we will review the peripherals available for the Vanderbilt SPC intrusion system with a focus on the expanders and power supplies available for the system.

How to part set the system

Brief overview of how to control part sets on the SPC system


SPC provides a range of outputs to allow you to control your system, learn how to program and configure outputs on your system

Programming users

Users on SPC can simply be added using the default settings and the users will immediately have access to the SPC functionality, however SPC can offer much more for your customers  


SPC provides the ability to monitor the arming and to auto arm or disarm your system 


Automate of restrict actions on SPC, Calendars can be used to control almost all elements of the system 

  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Users
  • Areas

IP ready reporting

The SPC is an IP ready reporting system that can deliver for you as the industry transitions from analog to IP the SPC provides a system that allows you to mix the systems and ensuring communications are reliable.

Advanced Outputs

SPC also provides the ability to you to create your own outputs based on logic defined by you

Monitoring solutions

Looking for an IP ready CMS please check the Vanderbilt Map for your nearest solution provider here

Learn more

Additional material

SPC provides a range of manuals in order to support you if you would like to know please contact us and book your demo



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