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The SPC intrusion system can provide you with many options for your security needs, we want to make this process of selecting the correct security configuration as easy for our customers as possible. Therefore, we have enhanced the SPC calculator to provide the ability to automatically select the correct components for your needs.

The SPC Calculator is designed to provide you with a tool to allow you to ensure that the security system has sufficient power to ensure the system remains operational should a mains failure occur.  The Tool will also ensure that the system has sufficient current to supply the system and that the SPC system you choose has the capacity to support the required inputs. Each site can be defined with customer reference and the requirements for that site.

Power Overview

The power calculator will allow you to add the components to your system while visualizing the power usage and requirements of the system. Once the power and requirements are meet your SPC system will be stable and reliable. The power overview allows you to add components such as

  • Keypads
  • Modems
  • PIR 
  • Detectors
  • External bells

The system will also allow you to freely define components which you may wish to add

System Summary

The Summary element of the tool allows you to have an overview of the total elements on the system for example how many inputs were included, the summary we also highlight if the number of inputs exceeds the available for the system chosen. 

Limit check

The Calculator will also verify a number of elements within the system to ensure that the SPC system you have chosen will meet your needs. The tool will verify

  • Zones
  • Expanders
  • Keypads
  • Users
  • Doors

Order Overview

For your convenience, we have added this section to the tool so that you may submit your order to your supplier.

So how does the wizard operate:

When you select the number of inputs, areas, users, doors, and keypads the system will select the correct SPC controller to support this number of zones and add the additional expanders for you. The system will then add sufficient output module to support the desired outputs required. The system will add keypads correspond to the grade for grade 3 and VDS systems the SPCK623 will be added for other systems the SPCK421 will be added.

The system will then balance the system adding in the required power supplies to power the system if you have selected grade 3 or VDS the system will add the SPCP333 or SPCP355.

For doors, the system will then add a door controller for each required door and a reader for each door, for VDS systems this will add the HFS-TKWA-APW/CDA2 and for other systems the VR50M-MF. The system will add power supply door controllers where required.

Finally, the system will add the required batteries and cable for the system. The end result of this is a system overview of the selected system and an order form.  Customers can edit the tool to enter their price per component if they wish and also then can alter the part codes to match their systems.

The end result is a quick and easy tool for our customers to define a system based on the customers’ requirements.


In the Power overview you can enter your own price which will be automatically included in the order summary.


Please download the SPC Calculator here, please note you must enable macros in order to use the tool



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